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 4,6% 1,5% 1,5% is a traditional Czech retailer of musical instruments and audio technology.

We love music and all around it. We share this passion with our customers from 10 European countries. We´ve been in the market since as early as 2000 and over this period we´ve managed to be awarded several prestigious prizes. At, you´ll get above-standard services which will put your music forward, whether you are beginners or professional musicians. We specialise in guitars, bass guitars, drum kits, keyboards, DJ equipment, and other musical instruments including all accessories. In our offer we also have  brass and string instruments, recording studio equipment and concert PA systems, or test room equipment.

A Czech company is run by the purely Czech company AUDIO PARTNER s.r.o., which uses 100 % of domestic capital in Czech territory, where it also duly pays taxes on its income strictly checked by an official accounting audit. We largely use the services of domestic carriers, all storage areas are in our territory, and we support a range of Czech manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services.

From a modest tiny store to the market No. 1

Our first-ever store was located in Prague 4. This was a modest tiny store with an area of 16 sqm, with many Czech musicians remembering it with nostalgia up to this day. Another major chapter of the company was an outlet at Děkanka, which already enjoyed the parameters of a musical instrument store of European standards. A Brno-based store, which you can visit on Lidická street, has also eventually seen a similar response.  Growth in the visit rate of our e-shop went hand in hand with growth in the strength of the brand In 2018, we moved to take a fundamental decision, namely develop the Czech Republic´s most luxury and biggest musical instrument store. You´ll find it today on 23, Medzi vodami street in Prague´s Modřany. Located here in a single place is a huge logistics centre handling orders for the whole of Europe and a beautiful, double-storey and generously spacious outlet in which you´ll choose from thousands of musical instruments from renowned world-class and Czech manufacturers.

TOP 10 categories (by turnover):

  1. electric guitars
  2. acoustic guitars
  3. digital pianos
  4. portable stage pianos
  5. keyboard workstations
  6. keyboards with dynamics
  7. ukulele
  8. electric bass guitars
  9. electronic drum kits
  10. drum kits

TOP 10 categories (by shopping):

  1. ukulele
  2. acoustic guitars
  3. electric guitars
  4. keyboards with dynamics
  5. digital pianos
  6. electric bass guitars
  7. portable stage pianos
  8. electronic drum kits
  9. drum kits
  10. keyboard workstations

TOP 10 brands (by turnover):

  1. Yamaha
  2. Fender
  3. Roland
  4. Korg
  5. Ibanez
  6. Boss
  7. Fender Squier
  8. Bespeco
  9. Ortega
  10. Soundsation

TOP 10 brands (by shopping):

  1. Bespeco
  2. Fender
  3. Dunlop
  4. D´Addario
  5. Soundsation
  6. Joyo
  7. Ortega
  8. Yamaha
  9. Ernie Ball
  10. Razzor

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