Garancia schvaľovania provízií is a major bedding set, sheet, and home textile retailer, selling bedding sets from many well-known brands such as TAC, Dante, Grena, its own brand Bonatex, and others. The customer can choose from a wealth of patterns and colours, finding in the offer e.g. plain cotton wool, crepe, flanel, cotton sateen bedding sets. Kids bedding sets and kids towels and bath towels with popular fairytale figures are bound to please even the youngest.

E-shop advantages:

  • All goods on stock
  • Free shipment in shopping over CZK1,999
  • Free e-mailing of information on discounts, actions, and novelties
  • Registered customers will get 5% off their purchase back into so-called  Pokladnička

Additional information

  • Average order amount CZK1,700.
  • The e-shop has 60-75 thousand visitors each month

Promotional elements

  • Banners
  • iFrame
  • PR articles
  • Coupons
  • Influencer
  • XML feed
  • Email templates
  • Dognet Media


Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. Email campaigns have to be submitted for approval before sending. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs.


The campaign has a set-up fair attribution model and, in case that an affiliate was not the source that for the most part provided and brought the conversion, it will automatically be rejected.


Nápady pre využitie kampane:

  • Ideálna kampaň pre módny segment, blogy a recenzie produktov. Stačí odporučiť produkt, odkázať na konkrétnu podstránku a konverzie budú veľmi vysoké.
  • XML pre katalógy produktov vieme dodať po dohode.
  • Eshop má stále akcie a výpredaje, ktoré sa dajú komunikovať na návštevníkov.
  • Odporúčame tiež microsite a cielené SEO články na konkrétne značky. Môžete ľahko odchytávať organický traffic z Google.

Top 10 produktov

  1. Obliečky Natura
  2. Bambusové obliečky Retro
  3. Bambusové obliečky Lamina
  4. Atlasové obliečky šedé
  5. Atlasové obliečky Tina Biele
  6. Bambusové obliečky Adal lila
  7. Obliečky Art
  8. Prikrývka Aloe
  9. Bambusový uterák Verde
  10. Saténové obliečky Angelica

Špeciálna kategória: Tipy na vianočné darčeky


The verification of sales happens on a monthly basis, however, we will be working on minimising the gap between the sales date and the approval. The commission is credited immediately after the approval from the merchant. The sales approval happens soonest after this time range (approximately 30 calendar days).

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