Commission amount: 14% (for cashback systems and voucher websites 9%, for display 12%, for e-mailing 14%, and shopbots 14%)

The mail order department store Blancheporte has already had a long-standing tradition on the Czech market. Today, we rank among the Czech Republic´s most important mail order stores with more than 350,000 permanent visitors. Several times a year, they receive in their postbox a large-scaled catalogue featuring a varied selection of an extensive product range with seasonal selections and bargain sale discounts, as well as a whole range of other actions. Also, we´re geared up for e-commerce and operate an e-shop for French fashion where we offer an extended offer of low-priced products.

Promotional elements

  • Banners
  • iFrame
  • PR articles
  • Coupons
  • Influencer
  • XML feed
  • Email templates
  • Dognet Media


Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. Email campaigns have to be submitted for approval before sending. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs.


Top 10 products

  1. Rolák z pružné viskózy
  2. Rolák z pružné viskózy
  3. Tričko s potiskem a krátkými rukávy
  4. Košile s puntíky
  5. Šaty s potiskem žakáru
  6. Tunika s výstřihem do V a potiskem


For joining the campaign click at the “Ask for joining” and wait for the confirmation email.


The verification of sales happens on a monthly basis, however, we will be working on minimising the gap between the sales date and the approval. The commission is credited immediately after the approval from the merchant. The sales approval happens soonest after this time range (approximately 30 calendar days).

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