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Commission amount: 10% and 3% on action products

AvePharma has already been for 10 years part of our family. Our aspiration is to help people and animals through special products designed to improve their lives. We continually search for and replenish our portfolio to include products to be practical helpers in everyday life.


We divide the portfolio based on indications:

  • FIRST AID – AKUTOL – A unique composition, multi-functionality and quick application guarantee the best possible treatment while giving first aid for burns, bruises, bleeding, decubital ulcers.
  • EXCESSIVE SWEATING AND PERSPIRATION – PERSPI-GUARD – The product portfolio is designed so as to prevent excessive sweating, accompanying odour, and other disagreeable skin diseases.
  • DRY MOUTH – BIOXTRA – The product portfolio is specially designed to help alleviate the symptoms and effects of dry mouth (xerostomy) problems and other accompanying symptoms. Bioxtra protects your mouth, tissues, teeth and gums by means of natural BIO enzymes.
  • ORAL HYGIENE – TS-1 – Given the high occurrence of bacteria on the tongue, however, the tongue coating constitutes one of the primary causes of bad breath (halitosis). Consequently, thorough cleaning of the buccal cavity should always include also in-depth tongue cleaning. A patient can request the in-depth tongue cleaning outright in a stomatology outpatient department or a dental hygiene outpatient department. The TS-1 products can also be used for home treatment.
  • FATIGUE AND PREGNANCY – JÓDAQUA – is a special natural nutritional supplement containing 100% of biologic iodine thanks to which thyroid hypertrophy, fatigue syndrome, metabolism disorders, decreased physical activity    can be prevented, and it promotes a child´s healthy mental development already during pregnancy. The spring is located to the west of Salgótarján, on the northern side of the Čerchov mountain range nearby the municipality of Sóshartyán and is original in composition in the market.
  • PAIN – HEAPACK – All of the products are registered as medical aids and comply with British Standards REQUIRED including BS 8433:2004. The products can be used for hot and cold therapy with various body pains.
  • RECOVERY – SYNTHETIC ICE – The synthetic ice spray has the same cryotherapeutic properties as frozen ice. It is used as a medical aid while giving first aid, in sports, and occupational accidents.
  • LICE AND NITS – ELIMAX® – Elimax is a unique formulation against lice which acts in a preventive and disposal manner. It not only kills but also repels nits and lice on a physical basis without insecticides and silicones.
  • VETERINARY PRODUCTS – ARPALIT – With the new trends and demands, there has emerged the Arpalit NEO series that will make your pet a star of every society! Get acquainted with a whole series of Arpalit NEO products that treats the hair of your domestic pets and provides a long-term effect against ticks, fleas, lice, bed bugs, and their development stages. The brand Arpalit has been in the market for more than 60 years.

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