Commission: as high as 15%

    Magazines, blogs Catalogue websites, comparators, etc Cashback websites Coupon websites
Normal product New customer 15% 8% 7% 5%
Old customer 13% 6% 5% 2%
Outlet product   7% 4% 4% 4%
Cookies   30 days 7 days 3 days 3 days


Performance bonus + 1% of turnover over 2000 € in approved commissions for 1 month.
Bonus + 2% of turnover over 4000 € in approved commissions for 1 month.
Bonuses are credited manually after a complete evaluation of the commission in the month. is one of Czech-based Astratex, s.r.o., e-shops run in several European countries, namely the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. They have been engaged in online retail of goods since 2000 at which time an e-shop functioned as a foil to the traditional mail-order store for underwear. Since 2005, they have been an online-only retailer.

All of Astratex, s.r.o., e-shops share a warehouse located in the Czech Republic. Its area is over 1,500 sqm and over 1,500 types of goods are stored here, giving a combined total of 60,000 items. 

E-shop advantages:

  • An extensive selection of high-quality underwear
  • All goods on stock
  • Free shipping in shopping over €59
  • Free e-mailing of information on discounts, actions, and novelties
  • Registered customers will get 8% off their purchase back into so-called  Pokladnička

Additional information

  • Average order amount €45.
  • The e-shop has 50-60 thousand visitors per month and very good reviews on – verified by customers.
  • Available banners, a voucher (in administration), on-demand XML feed, as well as banner configurator BANEA.

Promotional elements

  • Banners
  • iFrame
  • PR articles
  • Coupons
  • Influencer
  • XML feed
  • Email templates
  • Dognet Media


Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs.


The campaign can be used in newsletters if the clickthrough from the email goes to the publisher’s page.


Campaign use ideas:

  • An ideal campaign for the fashion segment, blogs, and product reviews. It suffices to recommend a product, refer to a specific subsite and conversions will be very high.
  • The advertiser has an extensive portfolio – from underwear through swimwear to clothing.
  • We can supply XML for product catalogues upon agreement.
  • The e-shop has standing actions and bargain sales that can be communicated to visitors.
  • We also recommend a microsite and targeted SEO articles on specific brands. You can easily capture organic traffic from Google.

Top 10 products

  1. Podprsenka Maia 4D Soft Control vystužená
  2. Podprsenka Triangle bra Angelia vystužená
  3. Podprsenka Spacer 3D
  4. Podprsenka Galla 
  5. Podprsenka Jeanne White nevystužená
  6. Podprsenka Simone Grand Bardot vystužená
  7. Podprsenka Fern soft
  8. Podprsenka Mercedes polovystužená
  9. Poprsenka Ivonne nevystužená
  10. Podprsenka jeanne Black nevystužená
When promoting the campaign, it is required to use all parameters included in the referrals displayed in our dashboard. Removing the parameters might cause a tracking malfunction or declining the commissions.

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