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Incapet Collagen is a 100 % Bioactive collagen which positively affects an animal´s body, regeneration and nutrition, the quality of hairs and skin, claws, hoof horn, and the musculoskeletal system. It is fit for cats, dogs and horses as a feed supplement.  The Incapet Collagen package contains 30 doses per 3 g of 100 % pure bioactive fish collagen powder.  It contains premium collagen type I, II, III. Thus simply add Incapet Collagen for both small and big animals to their favourite feed just before feeding.

  • 100 % additive-free live marine collagen
  • Premium triple-component collagen (contains collagen type I, II, III)
  • Bioactive (live) collagen – the body will utilise it so as to produce it itself
  • Incapet Collagen easily dissolves in water
  • Flavour- and colour-free

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