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The e-shop e-Colostrum.sk brings its customers a self-contained offer of cow and goat colostrum formulations.

Colostrum or beestings is a liquid produced by the mammary glands over the first hours following delivery of the newborn. This period is of such importance to the newborns that a range of newborn mammals would not survive in the first hours. Upon delivery, the body is confronted with a range of viruses and bacteria which it has to protect itself against. As a result, the mammary glands of mammals produce colostrum which contains biologically active substances. Then in particular IgG, IgA and IgM are those most important substances in the colostrum. The cow colostrum has 40 times more of these active substances as compared to the human one.

Why bio-colostrum from our e-shop?

  • It is Slovakia´s biggest specialised e-shop
  • A wide range of capsules, tablets, cosmetics and liquid colostrum in a single place
  • For 90% of products we are directly the producers
  • We offer the highest-quality liquid bio colostrum that is taken up to 6 hours following delivery!
  • The liquid colostrum is not pasteurised and is made by highly friendly form of microfiltration!
  • Our company is annually certified by KEZ and we guarantee you 100% bio quality of our liquid bio colostrum
  • A range of beneficial action packages for customers

The target group includes mostly mothers seeking products to promote their children´s immunity. Another target group includes all of those who need to speed up their regeneration after an injury or a disease. The top season takes place from September over the winter to late spring (April). The season follows much the classical season of viraemias and colds.

TOP 5 products (action sets):


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