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Dobrá Klíma is a prominent seller of air-conditioners, recuperations and ventilation technology. This segment also includes design radiators which are popular in Austria, Germany but already also in Slovakia and the Czech lands.

Up to now people even have not known as to what large numbers of radiators are around and that they do not need at home merely classic korado radiators, but they can bejewel their home according to their own ideas. Design radiators have therefore become since the beginning of the year our flagship and we´ll be chiefly further dedicated to them.

At the moment, we are selling nearly 100 radiators a month and intend to triple this number. These are no numbers plucked out of the air, these are based on demands from the beginning of the year and the closer we get to winter, the more the number of sales rises proportionally.

At the moment, we have launched campaigns particularly for the branding of the webshop and design radiators so that people know that there are alternatives as well. Radiators are indeed design masterpieces, one should take a look at all the models.

Dobra klíma is the biggest seller of design radiators with Slovakia´s biggest showroom.

Competitive advantages:

  • The biggest seller of design radiators
  • Expert counselling
  • Optional installation at request
  • A professional team that are dedicated to radiators only
  • Support for radiator branding and education
  • Minimum competition (if somebody looks for a design radiator, so we)
  • The product is selling very well, the market is not filled up
  • A high margin for publishers
  • Main sales through a webshop
  • Radiator purchase discounts for publishers

TOP 10 design radiators:

    Promotional elements

    • Banners
    • iFrame
    • PR articles
    • Coupons
    • Influencer
    • XML feed
    • Email templates
    • BANEA
    • Dognet Media

    Permissions for publishers

    • Cash-back
    • Content
    • Coupon sites
    • Emailing
    • Direct PPC
    • External coupons
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