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Global Nutrition, s.r.o., brings its customers food supplements and cosmetics of the very highest quality.  We use in our products carefully selected active substances and raw materials from brand manufacturers worldwide. We consult the composition of recipes with our partners in the USA, Norway, Italy or Germany. The active substances in our product range are equipped with clinic studies corroborating their efficiency and quality.

In 2012, our subsidiary ACE TRADE based in Ústí nad Orlicí opened a new production and distribution compound. We have at our disposal modern laboratory equipment for research and development of an extensive product range. Within the company development and provision of the very best services to our customers, we undergo every year stringent audits and certifications. Our products are produced in ISO 2001 and GMP system.

About products, their uniqueness, special properties, utility and manufacture proper:

The luxurious brand of collagen formulations Collamedic is a self-contained range of products from marine collagen. This is a unique combination of food supplements and cosmetics bringing their users skin, hair and nail complex collagen care.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body accounting for as much as 30% of bodily proteins. A single collagen molecule is capable of binding to as many as 50,000 of water molecules, thereby significantly ensuring the skin hydration. From the 25th year of age onward, however, its own production in the body decreases and its decline is then reflected chiefly in the quality of skin, hairs and nails. An ideal solution is to compensate the drop in body collagen by food supplements containing marine collagen peptides.

Why Collamedic? Because it is complex in collagen care.

Systematic self-contained care of all beauty attributes:

  • Nutritional Supplements – powdered beverage – pure collagen 5000 mg in daily dose and capsule – pure collagen 1000 mg with hyaluronic acid 200 mg in daily dose.
  • Cosmetics – whole body care with patented active substances, paraben- and silicone-free – skin serum and body milk.
  • Tailor-Made Care – favourite sets combining nutritional supplements and cosmetics at a discounted price.
  • One-on-One Approach to Customers – permanent support from the Collamedic team via e-shop chat, direct phone communication or communication on social networks.

Thanks to its excellent properties, in particular Collamedic powdered beverage is rapidly becoming No. 1 on the collagen-based product market:

  • Collamedic is the strongest bioactive marine collagen on the market. There are 5000 mg in one daily dose,
  • the best performance – price ratio on the Czech market,
  • 100% purity and quality of raw materials from Norway,
  • live collagen exclusively from wild fish,
  • contains type I, II, III collagen,
  • the winner of an independent German quality test,
  • vitamin C Collagen BOOSTER priced at CZK119 FREE OF CHARGE.

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