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About us:

We are a NUTRIADAPT Weight Management Clinic. Our mission is to contribute through education to active care of own body weight and health. The care of self diet is today no longer a marginal issue but a society-wide norm, and therefore we at NUTRIADAPT, in line with the latest scientifically proven procedures, help our clients get oriented in nutrition and start off such diet as will benefit their body and result in long-term sustainable weight loss.

About our services and philosophy:

Just like it is normal to take care of own health and see the doctor to undergo routine preventive exams.

It is natural to maintain a healthy weight. Once high, it makes the quality of our lives markedly worse. From shortness of breath while walking up  stairs, the aesthetic aspect, worsening of diseases of civilisation such as, among others, diabetes or high cholesterol levels, through to a shorter lifespan. It is correct to take care of your body at various stages of your life so that you can meet your goal and thus “ENJOY YOURSELF“. And we´ll be pleased to help you with it.

Because you´ll wind with us merely highly qualified weight adjustment experts.

All our personnel have to go through a highly intensive training process ended with a special examination. As the personnel have to constantly educate themselves, you´ll find with us also specialists on childrens´ weight loss, sports nutrition, and the like.

Our nutritional system NUTRIADAPT is the outcome of countless proven clinical studies.

It relies on facts, not on assumptions or baseless studies. You will be prepared a weight cookbook in a personal nutritional plan where the energy value and the number of portions ranging from 2 to 6 meals a day can be adjusted. The personal nutritional plan also respects your taste preferences. Foods you don´t like will  automatically not be included in the personal nutritional plan.

Target group, top klient, and top season:

  • Moms
  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Diabetics
  • Actively living
  • Top clients are men aged 35+
  • Top season is January-March

With us, clients can lose weight, gain muscle, get fit, improve health – namely through diet adjustment based on blood and bowel examination

How it works with us – our procedure  (what a client will get from us):


Weight is just a number and it´s not ideal to orient oneself merely according to it. Indeed, fat content, the amount of visceral fat or the degree of hydration, for example, are also significantly involved in whether your body works as it is expected to. Your biological and methabolic ages then may be significantly different. How your body feels also subsequently affects the entire weight loss process and the energy intake adjustment. As a result, this information is highly important. We carry out basic diagnostics repeatedly and it also used to compare the results and assure that the way you´ve chosen is a right one.


At NUTRIADAPT, we have one important principle that everybody needs an individual approach. Your colleague´s diet will probably not suit yours and that your female acquaintance exercices pilates on a daily basis does not necessarily mean that also you have to get started with it. Though finding the right path should not be based upon trial and error tactics. Therefore, we need to gain as much as possible information to create the right strategy. We´re interested particularly in your health issues, body composition, family history, but also whether you eat meat on a regular basis or do not suffer from food allergies, among other things, is also impotant to us. We´ll take into consideration all this information and prepare for you a tailored-made personal nutritional plan.


Personal nutritional plan is not called “personal“ for the sake of sake; it contains also your tailor-made menu. We will not be addressing with you how to gain weight healhfully when your goal is to lose weight. Why should you be interested in information on sugar content in beverages when you´ve only been drinking for years pure water? We´ll make for you a basic analysis, metabolic diagnostics, or other necessary exams. Based on this you´ll get detailed recommendations relating to nutrition which are prepared just based on the assessment of your situation and which will lead to the  meeting of your goal. Then a large part comprises also practical tips so that you could simply get used to the new lifestyle and apply it into your routine life. Do you work shifts? Never mind. We´ll teach you how to adjust meals to fit the type of shift. Do you have to eat at a restaurant on a regular basis because of business meals? Never mind. We´ll help you find the best variant. Also part of the personal nutritional plan is a weight cookbook, i.e. your tailor-made menu. You´ll find therein recipes that precisely correspond to the principles of your recommended diet. The cookbook is tailor-made and not only the weight and type of foods but also e.g. the number of daily portions are commensurate therewith.


The paramount part, nevertheless, is support and professional help in any situation. Many people manage to lose weight, but only very few manage to keep that weight without professional help. Weight loss represents stress for your body. Anyone who is stressed seeks to get past this situation quickly and bring things back to normal. It works equally with weight loss, too. As a result, the yo-yo effect occurs in that many people. Thus the weight stabilisation and maintenance are many times more complicated than the weight loss itself. That´s why it´s so important to continue to keep in touch with a specialist and overcome those phases and above all preserve. Thanks to this your lifestyle will become sustainable and keeping the weight will not pose a problem.

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