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The shop bonprix – inspiring women´s fashion for each of you

Women´s fashion bonprix inspires women aged over 25. Regularly presented new collections offer the latest trends and reflect them in everyday life of women from all over the world. It is most important – regardless of age or figure – that they could feel well, attractively. Garments sized from 32 up to 58 allow to underline a woman´s figure strong points and to show off through clothing.

Fashion clothing for everybody

Our fashion is equally varied as the real life of our female customers. It accompanies a woman on her way full of everyday challenges and allows her to find ideal clothing for every opportunity for both herself and her next of kin. bonprix is dominated by women´s fashion but in addition men´s clothing, kids clothing as well as home accessories are available at it. You´ll find here men´s hoodies, trousers as well girls´ dresses or living room drapery and curtains.

Dresses for every opportunity

From elegant, evening dresses to everyday casual fashion and sporty street style. Elegant wedding dresses, evening dresses, New Year´s Eve dresses, summer dresses – this is just a few of the most popular styles which the bonprix female customers have fallen in love with.

Highly popular among female customers are also XXL dresses. Thanks to a wide range of sizes, each of the ladies can find a suitable style in which she will feel comfortable and attractive.

Anyone who appreciates comfort while shopping will find at bonprix stylish designs in every size and at a reasonable price.

Bonprix it’s me.


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