Commission: 20% for the products and, 15% for Zelené potraviny and Aromaterapia, and 11.5% for the remaining products.

The e-shop is intended for all fans of healthy nutrition and bio products. We specialise in the offer of natural products and formulations which have a beneficial effect upon the human body, a wholesome impact and stimulating or refreshing effects.

We are an exclusive distributor of the exceptional green tea Matcha Tea for the Slovak Republic. Matcha Tea displays a great flavour, contains a multitude of antioxidants, and is instrumental in losing weight. Owing to its favourable effects, Matcha Tea is also added to sweets, cosmetic preparations or nutritional supplements.

ALTEVITA is the producer of brands COCONATURAL  – instant coconut water, HONEY-HERBS – combination of BIO organic herbs with high-quality honey from Southern Moravia, SLIMMING.CAFE – weight-loss promoting coffee with a high content of dietary fibre, and many other products.

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Permissions for publishers

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It is allowed to run direct PPC campaigns. Branded keywords (including misspells) have to be defined as negative keywords in Adwords. Email campaigns have to be submitted for approval before sending. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs.

The verification of sales happens on a monthly basis, however, we will be working on minimising the gap between the sales date and the approval. The commission is credited immediately after the approval from the merchant. The sales approval happens soonest after this time range (approximately 30 calendar days).


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