Infertility has been lately increasingly becoming a bogey encountered by a considerable number of pairs of different age groups. There are a lot of infertility causes, one of them is definitely also the fact that the planning for a baby is postponed to a later age.  This depends many times on psychic comfort, efforts to sense one´s body and listen to what it tells us. Natural fertility-promoting products may frequently help at times when pairs do not know what to do. Our project – – has also come into being on that account.

In addition to the e-shopu where you can purchase all nutritional supplements, tinctures, teas, lubrication gels, and many others, we offer you also a one-on-one approach, advice and tips on how to get pregnant. We prepare for our customers on a regular basis thematic articles.

Why work with us?

  • High quality – certified pregnancy promoting products
  • An extensive offer – we focus on the issues of infertility of women and men alike
  • A one-on-one approach – in both telephone communication and the brick-and-mortar shop we listen to our customers, do our job by heart and professionally
  • We advise – we offer counselling whilst choosing products
  • We constantly look for novelties – we choose raw materials for our products from around the world
  • Verified by customers – you will find with us truly efficient pregnancy-promoting products that function
  • We are growing (not only in terms of products) – we run in the Slovakia e-shop, in Czech Republic e-shop
  • Wholesale cooperation – we also supply pharmacies and export to other European countries as well

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