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We have a solution how to acquire new orders and pay commission only from sale. No click, no display. We have ensured 0 conversions in total amount of € 0 for our 0 merchants.

Increase the turnover and sale
on your e-commerce project.

  • 1. Place your campaign in our network.

    Fill out the short form and we’ll get in touch with you regarding to the next steps.

  • 2. Display ads

    Partners – online media in our network – they place the ad and increase the number of your website visitors.

  • 3. You pay only a commission

    If we send a visitor to your site who also buys something and brings you a profit, you pay a commission for that action. Nothing more ever. The fairest offer.


What are the basics rest on
in our network?

  • Fair conditions

    We want you to pay for real performance. So, you pay only from that you earn. No additional fee.

  • Local focus

    We specialize in Slovak, Czech and Hungarian market. We’re not a multinational network with predefined processes. We adapt to you. It’s enough to contact us.

  • We are here for you

    We don’t want you only to upload your credit limit and leave us. We are here for your needs and business. We set the campaign with your cooperation to help to increase your revenue.

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