About Dognet network

We are a local affiliate network that 100% understands the market’s needs. We have 0 campaigns and 0 partners. Since 2013, we have provided 0 conversions to merchants and turnover in the amount of 0 €. Together we have paid 0 € to our partners.


Dognet as solution
for affiliate campaigns

Affiliate marketing works with CPA model that means cost per action. Merchant pays and the partner gets the commission after the business is done. This is the fairest model for all involved parties.

Why is it worth joining
the DOGNET network?

The network’s main advantage lies in the fact that it serves as an ecosystem for many campaigns and partners. If a new partner joins us, more than 0 campaigns become immediately available for him. If a new merchant joins us, many partners immediately become available for his campaign(s).

We are here for you

Štefan Polgári Štefan Polgári Managing Director +421 911 122 199 polgari@dognet.sk
Petronela Pivarčiová Petronela Pivarčiová Country Manager Dognet Slovakia +421 948 146 230 pivarciova@dognet.sk
Roman Dobiáš Roman Dobiáš Country Manager Dognet Czechia +420 732 667 971 dobias@dognet.cz
Dávid Puha Dávid Puha Head of Business Development +421 948 483 365puha@edognet.com
Júlia Ferancová Júlia Ferancová Key Relationship Manager +421 948 224 612 ferancova@dognet.sk
Veronika Almásiová Veronika Almásiová Relationship Manager +421 948 141 347 almasiova@dognet.cz
Šimon Pavliščák Šimon Pavliščák Affiliate Manager +421 948 259 046 pavliscak@dognet.sk
Alexandra Ortega Alexandra Ortega Financial Manager+421 948 448 979 ortega@dognet.sk
Csilla Juhász Szabó Csilla Juhász Szabó Affiliate Manager for Hungary juhasz@edognet.hu
Cosmina Tcaciuc Cosmina Tcaciuc Affiliate Manager for Romania tcaciuc@dognet.ro
Cedo Velasevic Cedo Velasevic Affiliate Manager for Croatia and Slovenia velasevic@edognet.com
Ema Pavliková Ema Pavliková Media Manager pavlikova@dognet.sk
Mária Čamajová Mária Čamajová Media Manager camajova@dognet.sk
Martin Kováč Martin Kováč Internal project Manager +421 949 55 66 75 kovac@leadmedia.sk
Miro Senka Miro Senka Web Development   senka@leadmedia.sk